Beatless – a soundtrack: by some of the biggest names in house & techno

Check the new video teaser for our latest, most unusual compilation: Beatless – a soundtrack.

The album features some of the most highly respected names in underground electronic music, house and techno. Each piece of music is specially made for this soundtrack, which sees the producers go beyond their normal musical range, out of their comfort zone and into uncharted territory.

Imagine starting with the soundtrack and thereafter constructing your movie, following the changes in the soundtrack, making each piece of music invoke feelings that makes up the story. Music is the greatest medium of all when it comes to suggesting the tone and mood of a scene. The mood could change in an instant following a change in the music, so contrary to the normal way of adding music to film, what if you could start with the music, and then shoot the film?

With artists including Umek, Djuma Soundsystem, Tiger Stripes, diskJokke, Alain Ho, King Britt and Darko Esser we see the music twist and turn in the most unexpected way and we can only imagine what goes on parallel with the music. We can assume the listening experience is much dependent on the listener’s point of view, making the soundtrack interactive in the sense that you can change the imagery that goes with the music as you like, for every listen if you like, and make up your own story to the soundtrack as you go along.

Enjoy the ride!

Download Beatless from Beatport

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